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  • Preparation(Staff Only) 10:00AM〜1:00PM
  • Steering Committee Meeting (Staff Only)  1:30PM〜2:30PM


  • Resistration 12:00AM〜1:00PM
  • Program Committee Meeting(Staff Only)  1:30PM〜2:30PM
  • Lecture Note 3:00〜4:00PM




  • SESSION1 “AI Technology”   10:00〜11:00 AM  @Room 401C(Session Chair : Dr.Prof. Ziran Fan)

1. S101 “Research on Human Intellectual Augmentation by their Use of Artificial Intelligence” Nanami Kuwahara (Toyo University)
2. S102 “Integrating Qualitative Methodological Analysis in Artificial Intelligence”  Wukai Zhou  (Toyo University)
3. S103 “Proposal for an Artificial Personality System with Personality Traits Using a Multidimensional Knowledge Base” Taishi Nemoto (Toyo University)
4. S104 “ChatGPT and the Language Learning Classroom” Jonathan Corliss (Tokyo Medical University) and Rebecca Carlson (Toyo University)


  • SESSION2 “Cultural Technology” 11:00AM〜12:00 PM @Room 401C(Session Chair : Dr.Prof. Rebecca Carlson)

1. S201 “XI Bass: Design and development of a smart sound application that implements the “physical feel” of playing Slap Bass” Liu Peiqiao (Toyo University)
2. S202 “Development of a sensorial system to understand Japanese onomatopoeia in Manga through the use of audio and visuals” Yuka Kojima (Toyo University)
3. S203 “Evaluating Generative AI Tools for Visual Asset Creation – An Educational Approach” Aesheh Essa (University of Sharjah) and Mohammad Lataifeh (University of Sharjah)
4. S204 “Examples of Teaching Plan Creation Using Generative AI and Current Problems” Koji Fujita (Cyber University) and Hiroto Okamura (Cyber University)
5. S205  “Proposal for a Support System to Take a Control of Social Media Use” Shogo Maeda (Toyo University)


  • LUNCH BREAK   12:00PM〜1:00 PM

  • SESSION3 “Information Design”   1:00〜2:00 PM @Room 401C(Session Chair : Dr.Prof. Koji Fujita)

1. S301 “Consideration of information for appropriate recall of life in a cross-cultural context”Akira Kondo (Kagoshima Women’s College)
2. S302 “Augmentation and development of human abilities based on the mechanism of proprioception” Ziran FAN (Toyo University)
3. S303 “Dynamic Preservation, Reproduction and Utilization for Virtual Library Space”Xuezhen Li (Toyo University)
4. S304 “Study on “Design Fails” in Content Generation by Generative AI” Miyu Shioya  (Toyo University)


  • SESSION4 “Interaction”   2:00〜3:00 PM @Room 401C(Session Chair : Prof. Taishi Nemoto)

1. S401 “Proposal of “Learning Commons” Utilizing the Metaverse in Online University” Kazuya Murata (Tokyo Online University) and Keisuke Misono  (Tokyo Online University)
2. S402 “Study of Changes in the Values of Books and The Reading Experience in a Post-AI World” Yulana Watanabe (Toyo University)
3. S403 “Development process for emergent recipes generated by human-AI interaction” Kodama Mutsumi  (Kagoshima Women’s College) and Taishi Nemoto (Toyo University)
4. S404 “Proposal for a System to Prevent False Accusations of Unwanted Sexual Touching (on Public Transportation)” Tsubasa Nishijima (Toyo University)
  • SESSION5 “Communication” 3:00〜4:00 PM @Room 401C(Session Chair : Nanami Kuwahara)

1. S501 “An Examination of the Relationship between Top Athletes and the Media as Psychology for Human Services” Shogo Maeda (Toyo University)
2. S502 “Evaluating Brand Story Effectiveness and Designing an Appropriate Mechanism for Global Branding” Asuka Kimoto(Toyo University)
3. S503 “Research on the Method for Extracting Brand Story Elements through Brand Exhibition” Asuka Kimoto(Toyo University)
4. S504 “Research on integrated system of live camera images and AI” Aya Sugamuta  (Kagoshima Women’s College) and Taishi Nemoto (Toyo University)